1. The vehicle is property of the Company. The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition as ascertained by the renter, and ts accompanied by the proper tires, the necessary tools, accessories and equipment, which the renter shall return along with the venicle at the location and in the date specified on the reverse side of this page, otherwise the renter is obliged to pay to the Company the amount of all resulting loss and expenses of the Company.
  2. The vehicle is strictly forbidden to be used:

    a. To transfer or carry heavy luggage or objects.

    b. To carry more persons than It is licensed for.

    c. Against the terms and conditions of this agreement.

    d. To be driven by any person other than the ones stated in this agreement

    e. To be further rented, to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object, to participate in any race, test or contest.

    f. In case that two or more persons drive the vehicle, this must he stated and included in this agreement in the condition that these each of this persons owns a driving license and conforms to the age limits and to any other legal prerequisites.

    g. The drivers and the renter are jointly liable towards the Company.

  3. During the rental, the renter and everyone else signing this agreement is obliged to protect the vehicle, to check the vehicle’s mechanical condition the oil level, the water level etc. as well as the condition of its tires and the vehicle’s safety.
  4. The person signing this Agreement and the person that he/she represents are jointly liable for this rental.
  5. The renter is obliged to pay the renting, at the location agreed, with the extra charges agreed and stated on the reverse side of this page. Failing to return the vehicle to the Company in the date and at the location agreed will make the renter liable for any damage that happens to the vehicle.
  6.  For any delay in returning the vehicle to the Company, the renter is obliged to compensate the Company in addition to the normal renting.
  7. The vehicle is insured with the insurance which is kept at the Company’s office. The Company is obliged to adhere to the insurance’s terms The cost of any damage that Is not covered by the insurance, is paid by the renter.
  8. In case of additional insurance being stated on the reverse side of this page, the renter is not responsible for any damage that was hot caused by a collision, as specified in detail on the reverse side of this page.
  9.  In case of accident or other incident, the renter end the driver(s) of the vehicle are obliged to take all safety measures and, if they deny any responsibility for the accident, to obtain evidence proving their innocence and to immediately contact the Company. They are also obliged to give the Company within 24 hours after the incident a report describing the incident in detail, as well as any other evidence or document relevant to the incident.
  10. The Company has no responsibility for any loss of private property of the applicant renter and the persons using the vehicle, either this property was left in the vehicle during this agreement, or it was left in the Company’s office before this agreement, or it was left in any place owned by the Company after this agreement.
  11. Neither the driver nor the passengers of the vehicle are covered by the insurance, except rf they were insured as specified on the reverse side of this page. The passengers’ and the driver’s luggage is not covered by the insurance either.
  12. It is forbidden for any person to drive the vehicle if this person has not been approved by the Company and stated on this Agreement.
  13. ln case that the renter has falsely stated that he/she has a driving license or that he/she is over 21 years old, the renter’s liability is extended beyond this Agreement, not excluding penal prosecution.ι σε καμιά περίπτωση από μικτή ασφάλεια.

  14. In case of damage, the renter is forbidden to repair the vehicle on his/her own
  15.  The renter is obliged to pay for any mechanical damage or replacement of damaged tires and wheel-rims or damage at the lower part of the vehicle. The damage mentioned above is not covered by any mixed insurance in any case.
  16. It is forbidden to prevent the function of the vehicle’s odometer in any wary, or to repair the odometer. In case that the renter violates this term of the Agreement, the Company has the right to estimate the number of kilometres, and this estimation will be obligatory for the renter.
  17. It is forbidden to move the vehicle outside Greece without written permission from the Company.
  18.  It is forbidden to drive the vehicle in violation of the traffic regulations in force.
  19. It is forbidden to park the vehicle in locations where parking is not allowed, and the renter will be responsible in case of illegal parking. In any case that the Company suffers loss , the renter is obliged to compensate the Company for any loss.
  20. The renter is obliged to pay the renting on delivery of the vehicle (unless agreed otherwise) to the Company as well as any charges that result from the readings of the odometer on receipt and on delivery of the vehicle by the renter.
  21. It is forbidden to use the vehicle for transfer of inflammable materials, polluting substances, narcotics or anything else that is irrelevant with this Agreement, as well as to use the vehicle as the means to commit an illegal or punishable action. The renter, the driver etc are liable for any violation of this term and for the resulting loss or damage.
  22. If the renter wants lo prolong the rental period of the vehicle, he/she has to contact the Company and to pay for the additional rental period within 48 hours before the initial expiration time of the rental, otherwise the renter will be civilly and penally liable to the Company for illegal use and possession of the vehicle.
  23. The Company has the inalienable right to break this Agreement without any loss, in case that the renter is found to misuse the vehicle and to violate the terms of this Agreement.
  24. The company has the right to remove the vehicle from the renter and anyone else that possesses the vehicle after the expiration time of the rental period, without prior notification and without any liability to the renter and anyone else that possesses the vehicle.
  25. No right of the Company can be subject to waiver either this right is stated in this Agreement, or included in the legal regulations in force and outside this Agreement.

Any granted discounts will be recalled if settlement of account is not made within the set limits.

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